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BOOK vs. MOVIE review! {The Host by Stephenie Meyer}

The Host - Stephenie Meyer

What I liked: Let’s start with the positives first since there is actually very little I liked about the movie.

  • The plot stays true to the novel (considering the thing I liked the best about The Host, the novel was the story, as opposed to say… the writing, I’m glad this remained the same).
  • The plot remains the same pacing when it comes to major plot events. Remember how there are like three separate climaxes to the story? They’re all in the movie too.
  • Part of the movie are laugh out loud funny. Some of the lines are delivered tongue-in-cheek, as if even the actors can’t believe they have to say them, ala the shirtless Twilight comment.
  • Jeb is excellently cast. Just… fantastic. He almost makes up for all the other terrible actors.
  • The desert scenes look fantastic… until they get into the caves and you realize you’re staring at a plaster set reminiscent of bad displays at Disney’s Epcot.
  • The eyes of humans with a Host are awesome.


What I didn't like: Where to start… where to start. Oh right, the biggest problem: the actors are horrendous. I’m pretty sure Meyer and co. pick actors based on physical resemblance to characters alone and completely ignore acting capabilities. Also:

  • The entire beginning of the movie is overly clinical to the point where it just looks super fake
  • The super shiny silver modes of transportation that the Seekers use which look CGI’ed
  • The voiceovers where Mel is resisting her host. They alternatively made me want to shudder or laugh… they’re just so bad. Not enough sincerity.
  • Mel’s occasional southern accent… very occasional.
  • The movie had serious pacing issues. Because it doesn’t move as fast as the books read a lot of the franticness of the situation is completely lost on screen. Instead the entire plot becomes very slow and overly dramatic/sentimental
  • Have I mentioned how bad the actors are?


Overall: Redbox it if you want a good laugh. I went with two friends, one who had never read the book and another who had. The one who read the book has self-admitted “very low expectations” and liked it. The one who hadn’t read the book couldn’t fathom how that movie made it to the screen. So take it for what it’s worth, my recommendation is spend your $10 on buying the e-book rather than a movie ticket. It’s a fast read.